This toaster size device provides computing support 
while earning you digital rewards.
This toaster size device provides computing support 
while earning you digital rewards.
SmartBox is the preferred standalone device to operate BlockBot.
It’s optimized to keep BlockBot running at high efficiency 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The first of its kind, plug SmartBox into a power source and give your BlockBot a dedicated home to gather you digital rewards.
SmartBox + BlockBot  
The success of Bitcoin has spurred adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies with wide application across industries. As promising new technologies emerge, its a lot to consider and manage to effectively place computing resources. 
Do more with your digital rewards. (Coming Soon)
Set aside the FOMO knowing your BlockBot enabled SmartBox is dedicating it’s computing resources to gathering you optimized results. It’s simple to use interface will have your BlockBot chasing down digital rewards for you the same day.
* Switch Card not yet available.
What does a BlockBot enabled SmartBox do?
Hold BTC, ETH, GREEN, GALA, and WIN in one place! (More soon!) Simplifies the management of your digital rewards and saves you time. Follow your holdings across multiple exchanges, even cold wallets. It helps you make smarter decisions with blockchain technology.
  Computing Power
BlockBot is a simple interface where you can monitor the activity of your connected devices and see your contribution.
  Intelligence Hosting
BlockBot helps to maintain a distributed database of Smart Data - a proprietary blend of AI and blockchain.
  IoT - Smart Data
BlockBot does data processing and solves complex equations through distributed means. 
  Blockchain Games
BlockBot supports new video game technology for digital rewards
  Virtual Private Server
BlockBot gathers market data and analytics to support smart decisions
  Social Network
BlockBot confirms transactions and activity on decentralized social platforms
  Decentralized Internet
A decentralized internet would rely on a network of many computers and widely distributing data. Thus, there is no central point to hack and no way for entities to take control of it.
  Confirm Transactions
BlockBot contributes directly to AI data processing and through proof of work it verifies the exchange of data on the network.
  Coin Staking
BlockBot supports staking qualified blockchains for digital rewards
  Storage Coin Mining
BlockBot supports storage coins to generate digital rewards.
This toaster size device provides computing support and earning you digital rewards.
This toaster size devices provides computing support and earning you digital rewards.
Connect's BlockBot makes blockchain simple.
Connect's BlockBot makes 
blockchain simple.
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